Hand spun, hand knit socks

Remember this hand spun sock yarn?

2016-02-28 18.31.27

It had a long journey toward becoming a pair of socks.  Here we are early on, on the train…

2016-04-14 13.32.08

On my way to a meeting at work.  Five minutes early, enjoying the sunshine and shrubs… knitting down the heel.

2016-04-18 08.53.02

Visiting a friend in hospital (and past the heel flap on sock 1)…

2016-04-19 09.26.21

Here we are on our way to Newcastle to blockade a coal port–second sock started.  I got a lot of knitting done during train travel and nonviolence training (for an entire day–some climate change activists don’t muck about!) and there was another knitter in the training, too!

2016-05-07 06.33.33

Then I noticed late in the life of sock 2 that sock 1 and sock 2 were a bit different.  I made some adjustments.  Finally, I went over to my friend’s house for a try on. Turns out that the stretchy factor in knitting sorts out a multitude of small spinning and knitting crimes. It’s common ground between us that if he doesn’t care, I don’t either.  Usually he goes further than not caring and is pretty pleased about the whole woollen sock thing. Fantastic attitude.


Here he is showing customary forbearance as a sock model.  Note hand knit sock on other foot.  Come to think of it, note hand spun, hand knit jumper in use years after being dyed with eucalypt. This is the attitude to hand knits that gets you another pair of socks in my circle of beloveds!





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23 responses to “Hand spun, hand knit socks

  1. Love the way they have turned out! Beautiful colours.


  2. Your pictures make me so envious. I have unpicked my socks after the fifth attempt. I got to the heel but realised they were wide enough to be a sleeve in a jumper. Ha ha. I realised I was knitting a pattern for fingering yarn and I think mine is 8 ply handspun. Whoops. A trap for newbies. I want to persevere..but need to gather my enthusiasm again. Your socks look exquisite. One day…

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    • Oh yes, that is a trap for the newbie. Damn! I hope you will persist through the learning stage though, Keryn. Hand knit socks are so much warmer and so special in every way, and carrying a sock you can knit any time is such an improvement in so many of life’s challenges…


  3. Lovely socks, lucky friend….I had a minor heart palpitation when the “model” photo came into view. It looked like some complicated foot repair surgical rig to my (admittedly not fully caffeinated) first glance. So glad it was just “sock-in-progress.”
    : )

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  4. norma

    I agree with him – I’d be pleased with a pair of hand knitted socks – exactly the same or not. Who on earth would would look such a fantastic gift horse in the mouth?


    • Well, these socks were never going to match! I have friends who wouldn’t like that, but I wouldn’t give them such a pair. This particular friend will love them as they are. A perfect match! Thanks for your kind comment.

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  5. Susan

    That is fun……socks, match or not, love the colours and a great jumper!

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  6. Super skills and exquisite socks 🙂


  7. Those look so cool! Way better than anything you could buy in a store.

    I’m wanting to try knitting some socks for the first time. I’ve been doing some basic knitting for about 5 years now (stockinette and garter, basically). Could you recommend a good resource and/or pattern to use for a beginner sock-knitter?

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    • Thank you! One of the big differences between knitting a sock and knitting a scarf is that socks are usually knit in the round. This is quite a leap as a knitter, but it really is the beginning of so many things becoming possible! To move from knit and purl to a sock, you will need to either find a sock pattern that is knit flat and seamed together, like this one (I knit a few flat early on and they made good bed socks), or start in on knitting in the round.

      You’ll also need to learn some decreases, and how to graft the toe together. So–an online course, a decent book, or a preparedness to access help from friends or online (youtube!) will be a big help. I learned from books and after some messy grafts at the start… all good.

      For a pattern, I would suggest this recipe for a sock. I knit pretty much this sock with 3 mm needles (but I do rib the leg and top of the foot rather than knit them plain–k 3 p 1). Wishing you luck!


  8. Socks are supposed to match? :-/ How boring…… I love the way these look!! He is a lucky friend!

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