Ngarrindjeri Basket Weaving Retreat 3


I can’t leave the weaving retreat without some more images.  These are eucalypt shoots coming out from the lignotuber at the base of the tree, along with mosses and lichens.  Now this is the way to experience lichens.


Who can believe fungi grow in pure sand?  I was amazed… maybe it is just me.


Samphire remnants beside a Coorong rock formation that must have been formed by millennia of shell deposits.


Samphire. I love the plant and I think the name is lovely too.


I think these (much magnified) tubes might be all that remains of tubeworms.  But I don’t know, I’m guessing. They were on the edge of the water in drifts, crunching underfoot unless you walked around them.


For scale, here is a ruby saltbush growing beside them.


Plants growing up right by the water.


Cushion bush in the sand.


And a bit more of the view across the Coorong once the sun came up!


A photo of the entire retreat arrived just in time for this post, along with permission to share it.  Here we are in all our glory!  A huge thanks to the Aunties who so patiently and generously taught us, and the the Staff of the Ngarrindjeri Lands and Progress Association/Camp Coorong and the South Coast Basket Cases who organised the retreat. It was a privilege to participate and a delight to be among so many wonderful women.

Ngarrindjeri Retreat 2016 participants


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10 responses to “Ngarrindjeri Basket Weaving Retreat 3

  1. Your blogs are always so interesting,so varied and so heartfelt. Thank you. Having recently read L Treloar’s pitiful “Salt Creek”, I was so heartened by your description of the wonderful Aunties that have survived and thrived and are now imparting their abundant knowledge and skills to you seekers. Looking forward to more of your ‘travels’. Thanks again


  2. You can’t get any more perfect than nature can you. Wonderful photos of all the women too. What a marvellous experience.


  3. Manja

    So much beauty and awesomeness! Ive never seen Fungi in sand either? And that cushion bush… and those eucalypt shoots!


  4. HA! sneakily at the back of the pic. a trait we share….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, you have me laughing here on both counts–sprung! and–in good company! I think we get probably away with it more often being tall, but that is just a theory…


  5. norma

    I’ve loved seeing the photos – I’ve never heard of fungi growing in sand – just lovely!


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