Work still in progress

Since I last wrote there has been sleeve knitting in an airport.


Followed by sleeve knitting on a plane.


Followed by good times with fellow knitters and crocheters who also happen to share my kind of day job and therefore shared a conference I’ve been at… and this meant I brought hand spun wool plain and strange to share.


Some of it has already had a crochet hook applied to it and been turned into a substantial amount of shawl/cowl…


Meanwhile, sleeves united with body far from home (and on the twelfth floor)!


That moment when you decide to graft the seam between sleeve and body together…


And a certain amount of visiting yarn shops.  My commitment to knitting handspun may have weakened a little… but as you can see, I’ve made quite a bit of handspun knitting progress.  So much that I may need to spin more grey yarn when I get home to finish this little treasure…



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  1. norma

    Those are very pretty handspun yarns. I’m sure you had no problem interesting people in those.
    I don’t spin and I ‘m not much of a knitter but I find every type of wool very tempting. I struggle to avoid building up a stash.

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