Purple socks

2016-03-29 11.37.19

Remember this skein of hand spun sock yarn?  Suffolk/mohair/silk, three ply.

2016-05-31 15.53.07

It made a perfectly good cake. One day I cast on, on public transport. The train, evidently.

2016-06-08 08.57.40

And then I forgot to take photos for quite some time the next thing you know, here I am ready to graft the toe of the first sock at a conference in Wellington, Aotearoa (New Zealand)!


Did I mention the wonderful beauty of Aotearoa?

IMAG1888 IMAG1886  IMG_20160712_195353 IMG_20160712_195545

And then… suddenly there were two. When I was part way through the second they were lost!  Then found again by security and here was a happy reunion a few days later with great relief on my part.


And now I am preparing to make them into a nice little parcel for a friend with popsicle toes. With some hand twined silk string.






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6 responses to “Purple socks

  1. Susan

    Lost and FOUND! Now that is stunning…colour and knitting as well 🙂


  2. Debbie Daniels

    Hi Mazzaus,

    I love your posts and seeing what you are doing next.
    Where would I be able to get a set of english combs that are made in Australia. They nice and small and easy to use.


    • That is so kind of you Debbie, sorry to have been away from my desk! I would suggest that you check out Petlyn‘s. I have some of their combs and like using them (but don’t have a lot of experience to compare the with). I think they make a variety of sizes. Wishing you luck in your quest!


  3. Beautiful socks! So glad they were found again!!


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