The springtime, it brings on the planting


It’s spring! Well, maybe not where you live.  But it is where I live!  the first poppy came out!


Bark is peeling…


My part of the country is better known for droughts than flooding rains, but we had a close call and neighbours on our street were flooded.  This is just round the corner…


And this is one of my planting sites, with salt bush to the right and water pouring down the bike path to the left!


So I planted out sheoak seed of two kinds.


And the last few months’ collection of E Scoparia seed.  I’ve been tucking all the gumnuts I find into this bowl and there is a satisfying drift of tiny seeds at the bottom.


And there were, needless to say, also saltbush seeds involved.  And now, we wait!





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8 responses to “The springtime, it brings on the planting

  1. Manja

    Beautiful photos! But as I’m sitting here rugged up in my woollies I’m wondering if that poppy mght not be wishing for a winter coat too!


    • I am in wool today as well! I hope that poppy has its face turned to the sun and the admiration of the chooks and all is well. It sure heartened me to see it out and resplendent in the chilly morning today!

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  2. Saw a picture of a poor soaked koala clinging to the top of a fence post in the middle of raging water – said it was Adelaide Hills, so I hoped you were ok in the floods. We have droughts every summer now – rain has become elusive during the hot months.


  3. Susan

    What a beautiful white flower…series of flowers! Flooding is ugly and frightening. Glad you were not directly affected. More plantings 🙂


    • Thanks for thinking of me. Other parts of the country are under so much more threat than we ever were right now. I feel very lucky. And yes, wet earth and springtime, more planting for sure!


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