Uh oh… bags…

For those who have followed this blog for a while, this story will sound familiar.  Those who have started reading more recently (welcome!) may find my capacity to start with one bag and then somehow end up with dozens quite a few, a little puzzling,  Never mind.  I feel puzzled myself.  But this is how it unfolded this time.


It always starts like this: I think I’ll make one bag.  Often it just seems like a piece of fabric is calling out to become a bag.  In this case, some plant dyed calico (Eucalyptus Cladocalyx bark vat with Eucalyptus Scoparia prints and some clamping…).  Then I think I’ll make another one.


I believe I bought this hand printed fabric at a garage sale run by an artist.  To me, this design seems to have a vine and some Indigenous fish traps on it.


Somehow once I have made one, it seems logical to make another.


And another…


Until I’ve used the whole piece of fabric and used most of a pair of jeans so worn out and tired they can no longer be mended and cannot be made into anything else, to interface bag openings and handles.


In the end I took the bags to the Seed Freedom festival along with bunches of parsley and other goodness from the garden and left them at the festival food swap (I picked up some grapefruit).  Here’s a seed mandala in progress at the festival…


But… the bags did not end there! A curtain was transformed into four more bags (one got given away before I took a picture)… and now I had better sit on my hands for a while.




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6 responses to “Uh oh… bags…

  1. Laughing very hard, but in a positive way!🐴🐛

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  2. Rebecca

    Is there a raging bag infection at your house? Don’t look for a cure, the symptoms are wonderful.

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  3. Oh yeah. Me too. There’s just something sweet about making a bag from scraps or what’s on hand. But the hangover the next day. What to do with the darn things. Always looking for solutions as your post so brilliantly shows.

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    • Glad to know I am not alone–and completely agree that using stuff up gets me started very often! I have had a lot of pleasure giving them away. As gift wrapping; to friends; with stuff inside that needed a bag to go home in; or to op shops.


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