Leafy bundles

First there was a walk home from a distant railway station.  Cotinus (smoke bush) growing through a fence….


Then there was a walk home from a bus stop on a major road further from home than the one I usually use.  And the amazing discovery of a HUGE maple with finely ferny leaves.  Hanging over a high fence.


Well. It was only a matter of time… a recycled linen shirt and a wool scarf…2016-11-04-15-43-06

A couple of bundles…


I love the transformation!


Some of the maple leaves came out pale. 2016-11-05-12-54-27

Those closest to the iron at the centre of the bundle…


Perhaps I chose the wrong side of the cotinus as the one likely to give colour, because…


And the scarf, mmmm!


This one is destined to become a birthday gift.



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12 responses to “Leafy bundles

  1. What gorgeous prints and colours. I learn so much from your blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!


  2. norma

    Lovely results – I don’t think we have that plant so the results were a real suprise to me.

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  3. oooooooh…last fall I planted a cotinus sprig from a plant exchange and it has grown quite nicely. Maybe by next summer it will have some bits to spare…Love the deep purple outlining the leaf edges.


  4. Margaret Ford

    Love this blog! Will now reearch cottons so I know if I can find it in WA. Thanks!


  5. Fingers crossed, Margaret! Thank you.


  6. when in doubt, assume that leaves will print from the underside, whereas (curiously) most flowers tend to print from the top

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    • Hello and thank you! That is what I thought I remembered and what I tried to do. So either… I misread the leaf… or it didn’t print much in any case but the flowery parts did, thus the halo. Or something else that I can’t yet picture has happened. I have not tried enough flowers to know about them so that’s a wonderful tip, and I’ll keep experimenting with this plant which I rather enjoy. Thanks for your wisdom as ever.


  7. Oh wow! those colours! Gorgeous 🙂

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