Drawstring silk bags


Some time ago I dyed some silk I found at the Guild trading table. Just recently though, I stopped looking at it, draped around the place, and realised what it could become. I am hoping these little bags will be pleasing gifts, and in some cases, replace wrapping paper in the coming season of compulsory gifting, which I prefer to involve as little waste as possible, as I have not managed to convert my family to thinking perhaps this is not the best possible way to show our affection for one another. I love giving people gifts, but I find the compulsory nature of it and the set date, just leads to waste, and giving and getting things that are not always wanted or needed.


You knew where this was going, didn’t you?  I couldn’t possibly stop at one or two.


I think it is partly the satisfaction of figuring something out and routinising it.  Practising it.  Being able to create a little system.  This wouldn’t satisfy every mind, but evidently there is something in it for me.


I think it is also as simple as getting on a roll and being able to make maximum use of a piece of fabric. Again, not something that has an inherent logic that would work for everyone. And clearly the attitude of a person who has an outward bound stash rather than just one precious piece of fabric. I enjoyed piecing together some of the fabric so I could use it all, as you can see.


I also made one from one of the fronts of a linen shirt dyed some time ago. The bronze-coloured fabric became two larger bags with double draw strings. And so here I am, hours of pleasurable bag making behind me and happy times of gifting ahead!  I hope your plans for the gifting season are going well…



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12 responses to “Drawstring silk bags

  1. norma

    Beautiful! I’m sure your family and friends will be delighted

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  2. well done!
    and yes, I’ve also sometimes been using fabric bags (a dear friend of mines made them) for presents… they look much prettier and are reusable… win-win!

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  3. Manja

    Delighted by your wellspring of creativity as always when I stop by this blog! 💖

    As I am on my first tea break on Moving House Day, pondering the whys and wherefores of So Much Stuff, I also wholeheartedly second your sentiments on gifts! ….”I love giving people gifts, but I find the compulsory nature of it and the set date, just leads to waste, and giving and getting things that are not always wanted or needed”.

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    • Thanks for your lovely comment Manja! There is nothing like moving to cause you to re-evaluate all your possessions. And conversely, living in the same place for long times has let me be more of a pack rat than might be ideal!


  4. Ugh, trying to ignore it as there seems so much on my plate, much of it to do with dealing with stuff. Taking a deep breath and enjoying your handiwork.


  5. Margaret Ford

    I’m going to pinch the idea of hand made bags and packets for gifts as I, like you, have a seemingly never-ending supply of small bits of test prints on silk.
    The piecing of smaller bits into a whole actually enhances the attractiveness of these bags, giving them a bojagi look, so appropriate that bogagi was used in Korea for wrapping!.

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