Drawstring bags


I had a bit of a roll on drawstring bags while I was on holiday.  I like them a lot.  I use small ones for project bags; I travel with things snugly contained in drawstring bags; I keep clean fleece in bags and I store batts ready to spin in drawstring bags too.  So some suitable sized leftovers of lovely fabric were turned to use in this way.


French seams and drawstrings made with the loop turner (I am getting better at it).  Some of the Berlin patches made their way on to bags created from a very large black linen shirt I’d bought at an op shop.  The black machine embroidery down the front had not faded, the linen had, and it had worn through in some key places… but so much good fabric left!


I had to use the last scraps up… and eventually the bag jag came to a close.



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2 responses to “Drawstring bags

  1. I have a thing for tsunobukuro bags that is similar to your penchant for drawstring bags…because it saves me having to find a safety pins and wiggle the tie through the thingummy. and cos I am hopeless at making the actual drawstring 😉

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    • You had me laughing there! Apparently I can’t make peace with the enchanting geometry of the tsunobukuro or with the way there is still space for things to escape when I tie them up (quite possibly I’m tying up all wrong). Yet. On the other hand, I have begun to really pick up speed on drawstrings now that I have a loop turner and a bodkin and no linger have to squiggle along with a safety pin! It has resolved my concerns about drawstrings/cords made from fibres that won’t biodegrade too… but I detect we are both women of many bags!

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