Yarn bombing


Sometimes a person spins a yarn but there isn’t anything sensible to knit it into.  Perhaps there isn’t really enough of it, or it was an experiment.  Or it’s badly spun.  or too… something… to ever be a garment.  This is banana fibre and wool dyed with madder exhaust, being knit on an evening in Warrnambool a while back. Not enough for anything I can think of.  What to do?  Well, the title of the post gave it away.

2017-04-14 14.20.18

I’ve been working my way through all kinds of leftover weirdness in my stash (and needless to say, creating more weirdness as I go).  One fine day over Easter I went for a walk with these.

2017-04-14 14.41.58

Here is the banana fibre.


This is combing waste from spinning sock yarn.

2017-04-14 15.03.49

All those short ends and grass seeds, so troublesome in a sock, won’t bother anyone now! While I was applying this one to a pole, a local sculptor pulled up on his mozzie bike and had quite a chat about what I was doing and what he was doing and the importance of treating one’s neighbourhood as a shared place for beautification, care, thought and cleaning up.  I’d seen his sculptures around and he’d seen my “beloved tree” banners.  Now we’ve met.


This is lock spinning over a core, leftover from knitting a tea cosy (another good use for weird wools). Now it is over by a tram stop.

2017-04-14 15.20.02








Badly spun coils that won’t hold together for long unless felted.


Now adorning a pole… where they will felt in the weather.

2017-04-14 15.38.46

Core spinning–it made a great tea cosy, but there were just a couple of metres left!

2017-04-14 15.24.59

Indigo dyed carding waste.

2017-04-14 15.15.04

What even is that?? Well, now it’s a blur of colour as you ride your bike past!

2017-04-14 14.46.17

Leftover strips of indigo dyed worn out t shirts the main parts of which are slowly awaiting conversion to their next life (cut out and partly stitched).


Close up…

2017-04-14 15.32.52

This one is at a tram stop.  I wonder how long it will last? Finding out is part of the fun of yarn bombing…

2017-04-14 15.32.59




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12 responses to “Yarn bombing

  1. Inspirational as ever! Yesterday I stopped at the Hindmarsh public library and saw that the bike stands/racks are delightfully protected by knitted tubes similar to those you have created here – no scratched paint for these bikes.

    The week before when I had called in at the library I had seen a group of women sitting at a table knitting and chatting -possibly the creators?

    All power to your decorating!

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  2. Jenny M

    I love seeing yarn bombing…makes me wonder who has done this, why and when. A few years ago, a hug oak tree, in my community, was yarn bombed so that people would take note of the amazing tree & save it from being destroyed during a new housing development. Good news: the tree is still there!

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  3. norma

    Yarnbombing: what’s not to love? It’s fun to do, see and it works. I like the secrecy thing too

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  4. what fun! and some lovely bits of yarn weirdness too.

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  5. benita joy

    beautiful!!! my kids were SO excited when someone gave the tree outside our local library a ”jumper” last winter. we can’t visit without them hugging it now 😀 I’ve been following your blog for a while now.. since I started on my eco dying journey, but I haven’t left any comments, so I thought I should as you’ve helped me SO much.. in choosing eucalypts that might give a beautiful colour/print especially as well as with recipies and process and general inspiration.. anyway, I just wanted to say hello and THANKYOU!!! you gave me the courage to actually jump in and buy some merino yardage which is now all dyed up in a beautiful orangey brown and sewed into a long sleeve top for me with a wonderful leafy print pattern running down the front. I also own more leaf printed scarves than I can really wear, so thankyou thankyou thankyou…. what a beautiful art…. (off to order some more merino fabric now actually :D)


  6. benita joy

    oh ps GORGEOUS colours and textures in your yarnbombings btw!!!


  7. We have a regular formal yarn bombing in the Arboretum in Canberra. A “warm trees” exhibition where the public make scarves for the trees. It is quite spectacular. http://naturalmedley.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/beautyscope-234-warm-trees.html
    I love your work in your neighbourhood. The interaction with the sculptor must have been particularly satisfying!
    xo Jazzy Jack


    • How splendid those trees look in their scarves/jumpers! Thanks for the link and the compliment. Yes, it was fun speaking with a sculptor. When he pulled over I wasn’t sure what kind of earful might be coming but it was all kindness and community-mindedness. Lovely!


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