Guerilla gardening

I’ve been returning slowly and carefully to the garden in our backyard as well as the bigger one of the suburb.  I’ve been gradually weeding a little patch near a culvert, where some earlier plantings are beginning to gain in size and I am keen to stay ahead of the poisoner, who may visit at any time.

2017-06-27 08.10.39

This time, I put in some grey-leaved bladder saltbush, using the places where weeds are coming up as a guide to where they might be able to grow.

2017-06-27 08.11.02

Then I moved to a fence alongside the same culvert but on the other side of a path.  I plated some hop bushes here, in a place where there used to be some fine trees that were cut down just the other side of the fence.  It’s a bare, neglected place now.  As trains pull up at the station beside me on mornings when I work here I often wonder what the driver thinks, whether they even notice, and whether to wave!

2017-06-27 08.10.58

And–my old favourite, ruby saltbush, also planted along the fence line.  If these beginners make it, perhaps I can plant some trees here in time to come.  I picked up leaves that were forming drifts in the bed of the culvert and used them to mulch the little plants, because while it’s midwinter here now, summer is coming, the season of drying and crisping.


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6 responses to “Guerilla gardening

  1. Pia

    The planet is overflowing with people and yet there doesn’t seem to be time to tend to the land, no, “send the poisoner”.

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    • Luckily some of us are tending to the land, Pia, and I’m going to hold out that we can recruit our friends and even convince some sceptical passersby. Thanks for all you do to avoid poisoning the planet.

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  2. It makes me wonder what will happen in this country once everyone is banned and walled and sent back…who will do all the “landscaping” jobs, take care of people’s yards, pick up the trash, do the grunt work….perhaps all will revert to glorious wilderness. (ha)

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