Indigo and cochineal Jaywalkers


A while back I acquired some merino-silk 4 ply (fingering) yarn to use as a no-nylon sock yarn.


Of course, it all started out white.  Over time, some was dyed in legacy logwood.  Some with legacy cochineal, and some with indigo.  Then I decided on overdyeing the cochineal to create stripes and spots, creating some deep pink-purple and some blue sections where I had tied resists during the first dyeing in cochineal.


There was hospital knitting, nursing home knitting, public transport knitting as ever, meeting knitting.


There was even knitting during an experimental opera!


And now there are socks.  The pattern is an old favourite, Jaywalker, by Grumperina.  It doesn’t stretch much but it stays up and it looks great.


They are destined to be added to India Flint’s collection… bless her creative mind and nimble fingers and keep her toes warm, I say!




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6 responses to “Indigo and cochineal Jaywalkers

  1. Khendra

    Wow, they are so pretty!
    I bought indigo and cochinea and will try them hopefully soon. Or maybe next year.
    Have a beautiful day!

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  2. Love your socks, lucky India.

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  3. I’m very late to this conversation…having been somewhat preoccupied with other matters, and so am rather behind in my reading. I LOVE these socks, which are now (bliss) in my possession, awaiting the retrieval of my seven-league boots from the cobblers (tomorrow!). thank you ever so much, Mary. Wool socks , especially your wool socks , are utterly marvellous.

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