A little light mending

In our house, one of us likes to hang onto things as long as possible and mend them as needed.  The other one is less enthusiastic about mending and naturally holds different opinions about which things are so special they should be mended rather than thrown away or repurposed.  This towel had lots of pile left on it but the selvedges had given way and frayed.  A lot. That was good enough for me!  I happened to have some binding left over from a previous such project and it was just the right amount for the job.  And now–no more frayed edges… and quite a pretty edge.


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6 responses to “A little light mending

  1. Bec Plumbe

    Ooh, I like this! I just zig-zag stitch my fraying towel edges. This definitely kicks the look up a notch.

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    • Well, Bec, a simple mend that stops the degradation of the fabric has a lot of applications in life, doesn’t it? I probably should have done exactly that at the first sign of fraying. It would have made binding the edges a bit more straightforward. 🙂


  2. I had to look twice as I have that very print on my ironing board cover, made from a gift of that fabric from a friend !

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