In among Joyce’s no-longer-needed craft stash was a significant number of bottles of Queen brand food dye.  Eventually I also found instructions for using it to rainbow dye yarn. In my opinion, a much better use than dyeing food with it!  I chose some pale oatmeal handspun yarn and tried it out.

2017-10-05 07.50.53

I am sure it was the Joyce connection—it wanted to be hats. I knit one beanie.


Then another and another.


And eventually there was a hat. And another hat, and another. Until–I ran out of yarn. But not food dye!



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6 responses to “Hat-o-rama

  1. Marg

    I like the pooling on the one on the right. Looks like storm clouds with sun behind.

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  2. Khendra

    Wow, great colours!


  3. Rebecca

    And the food dye is fast on wool? Extraordinary vibrancy.

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    • Yes, evidently it is. The dye discharged entirely onto the yarn and there was no rinse out. The colours are INTENSE. It scares me to think of them involved in food, to be honest. But quite good fun on wool… and this method is in wide use around the Guild with no reputation for washing out or fading.


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