DIY knitting kits

My recent experience of Danish knitting kits had me in mind of Yarn Harlot’s DIY knitting kits. I seem to remember her setting up her own sock club, with yarn, needles and patterns already in her possession, tucked into bags, set up and ready to go the moment she needed a knitting project. So, I got out my empty project bags and prepared myself for weeks of meetings.


This one is Bendigo Woollen Mills alpaca and some of Joyce’s handspun. That became a hat in one day.


There was black alpaca left from that kit, so I switched it for the natural yarns in the kit below.


That hat flew out in less than two days.


Finally, I decided to use up the remainders of the jumper I made a while back.


I made some random design decisions (I use the word “design” lightly here) in the middle of a meeting and that’s how this hat came about. At the end of this week of knitting kits, I decided I could probably set up a kit for a jumper provided it had lots of mindless simple knitting–and knit that in meetings.  So much casting on…!






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4 responses to “DIY knitting kits

  1. Such a good idea. I endlessly faff about trying to sort out suitable travel projects!

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  2. Rebecca

    This post reminds me what a gaping hole there can be between projects, in finding and deciding and getting needles ready…i always put this bit off…but in sorting it all at once, the decisions have been made and the knitting almost does itself. So streamlined.

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    • Exactly. I find the decision making one of the things that holds up projects. When I get to a decision making point in knitting a garment, I can put it down for months! So the planning part is what I often do when I have a chunk of time.


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