Bags 2

Did you really think I could stop at… oh… ten or twelve bags (especially as I was on holiday)?  Naturally, I could not.  I went to the Guild and there was a pile of denim offcuts.  You know how it is.

They all turned out to be different denims, each one reasonably narrow but the width of the bolt.  No concern to me.  I paired some with a yellow open weave linen (I think) I have inherited.  I made several of these and they look quite elegant.

This patch was found on the footpath in Melbourne in December. It seemed wrong to leave it there to the wind, rain, mud and passing shoes and dogs, until it found its way into the stormwater drain.

And this bag is made from a piece of fabric my mother-out-law passed on to me in the last year.

On the inside, all manner of scraps and bits and pieces, and of course–more pockets!


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3 responses to “Bags 2

  1. Rhonda Bradley

    I love seeing rescued fabrics converted to desirable items.
    Well done👌
    You may be needing a local and bespoke bag market stall !!

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  2. Rhonda is correct. You need to put these up for sale. I would buy that gorgeous Chinese Bantam in a hot second!

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  3. I don’t know how you manage to fit in all you do. Love those bags.

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