Plant dyed silk stitching threads

A little while back, I decanted some silk stitching thread that had been steeping in dye for a year or two or three–using India Flint’s Stuff, Steep and Store preservation dyeing method.


  1. hibiscus flowers
  2. daylilies
  3. woad seeds (mature and immature)
  4. unidentified wattle seed pods from the tram line
  5. dried coreopsis flowers, citrus peel water
  6. avocado peel (fresh), bicarbonate of soda
  7. mock orange leaves (Murraya paniculata)


These jars have been sitting out in the rain and the sun, and I’m rather impressed by how well pencil on cardboard has lasted, never mention how the woad dyed wool, eucalyptus dyed yarn and handmade leaf string typing label to jar lasted.  I have already begun applying thread to some of those little jobs that just need doing…



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5 responses to “Plant dyed silk stitching threads

  1. Wonderful, that is a treasure of thread ❤

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  2. Gorgeous! I have found a few similar jars around the yard in the past. It could be time to do some more before winter sets in.

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  3. Rhonda Bradley

    Plant dyed stitch thread is such a luxury, I get silk thread from Marion at beautiful silks and have jars of many colours sitting in the garden. My grandchildren call them “ nannas witches brew) .

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    • I’m in pretty much the same situation, sometimes with Marion’s embroidery thread and sometimes with thread #5. Just no grandchildren to offer their perspectives… which sounds pretty good fun!


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