Guerilla Gardening Winter Edition 2: propagating

Autumn is the season for cuttings. So as the weather cooled I started out with ‘old man’ saltbush. Here it is getting dipped in honey prior to planting.


I’ve planted a lot of creeping boobialla of two different kinds and it is thriving around the neighbourhood.

So now I can take cuttings from these plants to make more!

I’ve been trying out correas and rock roses and had success with last year’s trials.

I have also dug out root divisions from the dianellas around our way to grow more, and cuttings from pigface too. So I now have a couple of hundred pots which are looking promising so far… and now I need to get myself into condition to be able to plant them when spring arrives.




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6 responses to “Guerilla Gardening Winter Edition 2: propagating

  1. Khendra

    You dip your cuttings in honey before planting? All of them? I have never heard of that!

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    • Hi Khendra, there is probably nothing I do all the time, but I do dip cuttings in honey at least some of the time. I’ve heard that it can help stimulate growth (which may or may not be true) and I suspect it just helps temporarily seal the tip of the cutting so less moisture is lost in the little while after it is cut. When a strategy is easy and cheap and has no down side I can see I’m prepared to give it a go!


  2. honey is the miracle juice, isn’t it? good for all sorts of applications.

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  3. Having read many of your blog posts today, I am impressed with the amount of work you have done in revegetating areas that would otherwise be unsightly. Your work is inspiring. Thank you.

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