Komebukuro Rice-Bags


I am still in love with this traditional Japanese style of bag.  Having acquired Japanese fabric scraps in Japan, I made some more, combining recycled clothing (a red linen shirt from the op shop and a maroon sleeveless linen shirt worn very much by me since the 1990s became linings) with fabric I have dyed with indigo as well as all kinds of Japanese fabric scraps.


I find this design very cunning, and in Japan, I was struck by the different styles that casings tended to take, with drawstrings travelling through casings that were quite separate from the main bag.  In the drawstring constructions I more often have encountered and created, the drawstring passes through a casing in the garment or bag itself.


And there it is again.  I constantly find myself creating series, and I constantly find myself much more readily making scraps, remnants and recycled fabrics into projects rather than using untouched loveliness in my possession, as if it is too special and valuable to cut, even when it is a gift!  I’ll have to work on that, because of course I want people to use the things I gift them!



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8 responses to “Komebukuro Rice-Bags

  1. Audrey

    Are they for storing rice?

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  2. Great bags and love your upholstery!

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  3. “never discard a piece of cloth big enough to wrap three beans”…I think you have that philosophy well in hand!

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    • Imagine my delight to discover this principle so beautifully articulated by those who have gone before (albeit, in Japan). And I must say it was one of the things I loved about your work right from first sighting, that you also have this well in hand…


  4. Rebecca

    Just lovely…totally get the series thing…it would be hard to stop as every finished one would suggest another.

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