Little socks for little feet

So there’s this small person coming into our lives early next year. I think I may have mentioned this!  I haven’t felt up to anything too complicated, so I settled on some socks for a start on knitting for the babe. Cat Bordhi’s Little Sky Socks, to be exact. In fact, I had in mind also knitting another design from the same book, but we’ll get to that in good time…


I selected some hand spun alpaca dyed with eucalyptus, and when I didn’t seem to have quite the right number of dpns, I added one that didn’t match… a slightly different size even.  As one of four, not such a big issue, I’ve found, and infinitely better than investing in a new set or waiting for it to come in at the op shop (thrift store).


Here’s the thing.  I started these when I had recovered enough from my recent bout of illness to feel interested in knitting, but evidently I was still not the sharpest tool in the box.  I finished one sock, and felt pretty happy.  Then some time passed and I knit another and felt ready to move on to the Little Coriolis Sock. I put the two socks together, and what do you know?  Not even close to being a pair. I don’t mean they were trivially different (that would just be normal in my case).  I mean one was a centimetre or two longer than the other, and on a sock this size–that’s a big difference!


I had to knit two more socks and try to match the mistakes made the first two times!  Attentive readers will have noticed the yarn was dyed/spun as a gradient.  So doing this guaranteed that the socks would also not come even close to matching in colour.


It’s a lucky thing that the intended recipient won’t care at all. And that my daughter isn’t fussed either!


And while I was sending weird gifts by mail, I sent this silk beanie.  I found this single skein among my friend Joyce’s stash after she had died, and pure silk seemed like a good choice for a baby.  Oh, my goodness, though–the colours are a bit much, and they are even more astounding knit up than in the skein.  Happily enough, I received a call when this strange set of gifts was received. The colours had been judged to be fabulous! I think Joyce would love the idea of my being a grandma and her skein of silk going to a newborn.



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8 responses to “Little socks for little feet

  1. Babies apparently respond best to bright colo(u)rs! Lucky little human-to-be to have such a talented and giving gran.

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  2. Jenny

    I have just caught up on a load of your posts, I do follow you on IG, but it’s lovely to see your photos larger on your blog. Congratulations on being nearly a Grandma soon!
    Loved reading in depth about your trip to Japan, I have been to Japan to visit my husband’s brother & his wife, but having 3 men and one woman that is not interested in textiles etc, in our family group, it didn’t allow me to search out all the amazing textile places you found.
    Also love how you Guerilla garden, well done on keeping this up in your community.

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  3. I, too, had missed the little person announcement. Congratulations!

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  4. Rebecca

    How wonderful these creations are…i love knitting for babies who are yet to be born… there’s so much optimism and anticpation there. Your knitting mirrors mine at the moment even down to the mismatched sock needles and foot lengths. I am thinking too repair the difference by cutting and grafting but have yet to gird my loins for such an endeavour. Happy baby waiting… you will make a brilliant grandma!

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    • Yes, it is a moment for optimism and anticipation–I’m seeing the expectant mother on the weekend and can’t wait. I performed the kind of surgery you are contemplating on a coriolis sock foot once. Toe up, is the key thing! And it worked out fine. But you do need some relaxed time when you can focus to attempt it. Solidarity!


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