Spinning optim

Quite some time ago, Kylie Gusset, amazing dyer and originator of the fabulous Tonne of Wool project had a sale of some of her last optim fibres.  It was a lucky dip arrangement in which I did not choose the colours.

In my recent period of being unwell, I found myself spinning down through the stash of rovings I still have–I just wasn’t up to fibre preparation.  One day I discovered the optim, which I had completely forgotten–and I believe there was some Ms Gusset merino in with it.  Why have I kept them for years without spinning them? I think I might have been saving them until I became a better spinner.  I am not sure what this view of myself and my capacities is all about, but it’s time to give it as little rope as possible, because my spinning is fine.  Even when it’s less than exquisite, it’s still fine… and will only get better through practice in any event.  I have listened to women at my Guild who still think they don’t spin well enough after fifty years of spinning.  It seems so obvious that this makes no sense at all, when I listen to them (and I have of course seen their spinning)!


Once I got started, I just kept going… and pretty soon I had a lot of bobbins…


And then, a whole lot of skeins. And they look fine to me!




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23 responses to “Spinning optim

  1. They look just perfect. And such yummy colors!

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  2. Khendra

    They are really beautiful!

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  3. Beautiful skeins, well done!!!!

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  4. I hope you are on the mend ❤

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  5. Kat Wittmann

    That “I’m not good enough…” thought has a silver lining, because it often ends in “…yet” which implies hope that we have the capacity to improve. Trouble is, you’re right, it’s the undermining bit that we retain. If my spinning is a bit off – and seriously, who wants laceweight everytime*? – it is art yarn, for weaving. And stash treasures: my friend Heather says, about her enormous working stash, “I have time” and I reckon she’ll be saying that until she dies at 106… (I hope so).. happily surrounded by piles of fleece.
    Love your words, productive woman, thanks for the window into your thoughts and hand work.
    *who am I kidding? And does it matter?

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    • Thank you for your thoughts, Kat! The “yet” part is so important. And so is letting go of being perfect. We can practise for the rest of our lives to develop our craft skills… and I hope you and Heather do just that!


  6. Penelope

    That is beautiful spinning! What type of plying did you use?

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  7. Your spinning is beautiful! How did you ply the colours so well??

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  8. Absolutely lovely. I feel the need for some chain plying in my future lol. Glad to hear you are better.

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