Dandelion Hankies

Dearest Reader, it has been a long time. I was traveling for six weeks, and managed to create so many posts there were posts the whole time I was gone. And since then almost nothing! I have been feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of catching up or maintaining a sense of timing or order. I think it’s better I let that go, and just create posts in any order that works. There is always a bit of poetic license going on here in any case!

Here is a little make I enjoyed–I could not resist this beautiful print, and I always want to make the best use possible of fabric. So I made three sizes of hanky. One for small people with small noses, and more to the point–small pockets. One for medium size and one in the generous size I prefer.

I love that I have made friends with my roll hemming foot sufficiently that I just make hankies now. Since I returned I’ve been on a roll with finishing things, and I am noticing that so often I stopped something because I was afraid of the next step. It’s a confidence thing. But my skills are actually fine, and where I do not have skill, all I really need to do is spend some calm time working something out, asking for help, or seeking instruction online. It’s good to notice, and I am happy to find that I’m working through a backlog of items in progress. Thanks for reading and thanks for being patient. Maybe you notice that confidence and lack of confidence play a role in your making too? I’ll be interested to hear how this works for you.


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15 responses to “Dandelion Hankies

  1. You are one of the most beautifully competent accomplished people I know and I find a sense of quiet joy reading your posts which has less to do with timelines and more with the gentle and sometimes thought provoking content.
    Though I do understand that immobility in finishing projects when you come to unfamiliar stages. Happens way too often. Lack of time or someone to discuss said stage with, not wanting to get it ‘wrong’ , adds to that hesitation to move forward. Sometimes putting the project aside gives me thinking room and yes, hooray for the internet and all the generous crafters therein 🙂

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  2. Yes that small hesitation that leads to a dead stop. I recall several times. Once about to finish a v-neck vest. I put it aside and got so distracted that I left it for several years having convinced myself that I had the whole neck to knit. I pulled it out and was shocked to realise that all that was left was sewing the edge, a whole 2cms together! Years wasted of wear!😂

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  3. Jasha

    Yes, i try all kinds of making, often all at once. I often stop a project when I need to learn something new to proceed (eg, making a quilt top but not backing it or binding it, or buying silk paints but not using them for 6 months). Sometimes the time and energy to learn the new thing is not available to me; and heading back to a familiar knit project or handsewing appeals. I don’t actually mind this. It’s nice to return to a project a year later with energy and enjoy finishing it finally. Right now I have a newborn baby, and have gotten out my sewing machine three times this week to finish a top for myself…. with no success. I’ll stop trying, but I will sew some cushion covers up then handstitch them, because I know that’s a project I can do more easily with a baby on my lap.

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    • I recognise all of those reasons for putting things down! Sometimes choosing the project that can work for your physical and/or mental circumstances is a necessity, and once I’ve done it, it always seems obvious. Sometimes putting something down is the first sign that a different choice is needed…


  4. Jenny M

    Yes, I have many self doubts about my choices of fabric, colour & sometimes my actually technically ability to sew a quilt….but then as I push on or thru my doubts, I am often pleasantly surprised at the good results I managed to achieve. But I still do have UFO’s sitting in the cupboard waiting for inspiration to strike!

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    • So do I, Jenny! I love that feeling when you push through doubt and out the other side and something good results. I figure in fact something good (learning) is always happening–but sometimes you get a great quilt or short or whatever as well and that is extra good! Hoping inspiration drops by your house soon.


  5. The dreaded creative, or mending wall. This happens to me all the time, but it feels amazing each time I get over the wall learning new techniques and skills…at least until I hit the next wall. Yesterday I used my serger for the first time (I’ve owned one serger or another for 10 years.). Your hankies are awesome and inspiring. Now I have something to do with my scraps of lighter weight wovens. Thanks.


  6. That fabric is breathtaking….wow….what a great way to use it too…Loved your post too….

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