Boomerang Bags

The latest round of Boomerang Bags have been driven by thrifted bedlinen. There was one quilt cover that I acquired simply because it was pretty and had owls on it. But then there have been others bought as a set where what I really want is the sheet or one side of the quilt cover (which is a good green for Extinction Rebellion patches) and the remainder of the set is looking for a use. Oh my. Some of this bedlinen is just about new and already at the op shop. IKEA is the leading label and it makes me sad.

Then there are the places I use fabric that I can’t use any other way. This strap is being made sturdy and thick with a piece of cotton blanket I found on the path where I was walking. I took it home and washed it, and then decided it could be used here.

Then there are some clothes I can’t reuse as bag outers or linings, like this pair of pants. Bought at the op shop, they were one of the first pairs of half lined trousers I’ve had the luck to wear. Now I have decided they can’t keep going–I removed the buttons and salvaged lining and fabric. Some of this will go into straps too.

There have been pockets added into some bags from a pile of jeans pockets I bought for a song at the Adelaide Remakery sale–lovingly removed from jeans being upcycled into mats.

Oh, and there was this. A garden umbrella lying discarded and broken by the side of a road I pass most days. I often pick litter along here. This time I removed the canopy, took it home, washed it, and calculated which parts could be re-used.

These are the umbrella bags–I found two more yesterday…and the colour is wrong but never mind.

One of a kind–two from sample fabrics from the Remakery. One from a great print from an op shop. The large image, a dress from the op shop.

Acorn and iron dyeing experiments…

These are the bedding bags… The two linen bags bottom right are lined with IKEA sheets.

Doona covers with a complementary print on the reverse side and/or the sheet. I guess it’s a long time since I bought a doona cover. But the design opportunities are excellent.

And finally, a nostalgia print my friend could find no use for. 44 bags in all. Whew.


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8 responses to “Boomerang Bags

  1. wow! So impressed with the beautiful bags and your amazing productiveness/resourcefulness.

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  2. Bec Plumbe

    Wow – that is a seriously beautiful pile! I’m very inspired by the remake using the big backyard umbrella fabric. We come across some of those. We used to use one as a cover for our bikes when we used to store them in the backyard (now they are chained on the front verandah, under proper cover). I also have a scavenged normal-size umbrella fabric piece which has ladybirds on it. I think I was originally going to try making a cover for my daughter’s small kid-sized bike with it, but normal-sized umbrellas have such an awkward shape that I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. If you have any bright ideas….!

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  3. Fantastic and such an amazing output. Brava!

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  4. Mary Dodd

    Love your boomerang bags. So useful, versatile, colourful. I only have one but it goes everywhere with me. Will need to add yo my one!

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