Blanket projects

I have some lovely pre-loved wool blanketing, and quite a bit of it has been dyed. In my quest to find good uses to which it can be put, I’ve made a goodly number of items over the last six months or so, and I’m still going. I’m afraid I had another series of repeat projects, dear reader.

Yet more box pouches. Using all manner of zippers from stash.

Such a simple and yet satisfying make! And here is an entirely unrelated cherry ballart for your enjoyment…


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2 responses to “Blanket projects

  1. Jenny M

    you have achieved stunning strong colours with your dyeing, I have used India Flint’s method of wrapping an old wool blanket around copper piping and then gently simmering in a big pot….my leaf colour didn’t show as brightly as your example – I know there are lots of variables, such as which leaves are used, mordant and water. I must experiment again before Winter comes.

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