Incredibly cute baby shoes

In these strange times, it was rather delightful to get a call from my daughter requesting baby socks, baby mittens and “do you know what soft shoes are? Could you make them?” I found a pattern on Spoonflower, and off I went!

One pair I cut from some fabric I could not resist and have been too scared to cut, apparently (for some years). One came from the offcuts of an op shop dress the main parts of which have been turned into bags already.

The pattern calls for iron on interfacing. Well, some parts of the upcycled frock already had this feature, so I left it intact and turned it to advantage. For the rest, the scrap stack (offcuts so small they are filed in a pile–too small to fold up!) provided sections of sheet most of which had been turned into hankies and napkins, and tiny offcuts of a linen shirt that has met its next incarnation. The soles? From a dead pair of tracksuit pants, and some offcuts of fabric recently passed on from a friend, from her Mum’s stash. And as for fusible batting? The tracksuit pants provide again!

I certainly could not have dreamed up this pattern. Gratitude to the architect and the instruction writer! As evening fell, I went to bring in the rest of the fabric from my friend’s Mum’s stash which had been laundered and hung to dry, and there right at the back were little offcuts of a black, shiny fabric with a pattern of paint splashes. I cut out a third pair and stitched them up! Elastic came from one of Joyce’s lunch boxes, inherited when she left Adelaide and I helped her family with her crafting stash. As with all the things she left behind, it was impeccably sorted, labelled and stored. If only my standards were so high!

By the time I got to my Virtual Mending Circle, I had three pairs requiring just a little hand finishing.

I think they are just so cute! I hope they will see the grandbub into her first independent steps. Right now she is still hauling herself along on whatever she can grab, but it won’t be long.

What fun! Very satisfying. And now, they are in the post and I await a report!


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6 responses to “Incredibly cute baby shoes

  1. Total adorableness! Lucky little grandbub.
    And I would wear those anytime too. Do they come in 41?
    : )

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  2. Awwww! Just too cute for words.

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  3. Jen

    Oh awesome!! They look gorgeous. And practical. Good timing, I just printed this spoonflower pattern last week and gathered some nice scraps to make shoes for my 9 month old. Some scraps are quite heavy cotton drill, so hoping to avoid iron on interfacing too (smelly stuff). With my previous babies, they wore very similar (gifted leather) soft shoes until 2 1/2 or so. I’ll need to find a way to make the soles non slip once he is walking though. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • Happy sewing! So good to hear shoes like these might last a while! If the drill is thick enough, will it need interfacing? And… I hear puff paint and silicone sealant are non slip options, both a bit icky though…


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