Boomerang bags: the first ten

At an early point in lockdown, a passing superstar delivered patches for a new round of bags. They came with a hand folded envelope of marigold seeds! And it was quite a big pile. I decided to deal with it ten bags at a time. Sometimes I lose my mind and have dozens of part finished bags lying around for extended periods.

Then I started in on a friend’s mother’s stash. Her dear and lovely mother has now been gone for long enough that her stash can be passed on.

This also has allowed me to use up some of my offcut pile, pieces so small even I usually don’t use them for patchwork. Some is becoming interfacing for bag straps.

So there it is, the first ten. It might have been eleven at some stage….


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3 responses to “Boomerang bags: the first ten

  1. Chris Beardsley

    Hi there , could be Le but the link didn’t work?

    Chris Beardsley 0407946908



  2. Suzi

    Hello, just found your great posts re Boomerang Bags, has given me inspiration. I have set up Boomerang Bags Dorrigo and just getting back into sewing again. Just wanted to let you know I visited your great site and certainly will keep checking in.

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