There has not been a complete cessation of sock knitting. These little numbers came about because a friend who had attempted knitting her first sock had declared that she was not able to finish. Her arthritis just would not allow her to do it. She gave me the wool and the needles. I decided I’d knit her some socks from what she had chosen (a Patons ombre sock yarn).

As regular readers will realise, I’m not much for matching and these don’t quite match–but not too shabby by my standards! They kept me company through some epic online conferences run through Zoom, in particular.

There is just a little left for mending when the time comes. I’ve already had reports of them going camping and hiking and hopefully they will be treasured and worn a lot.


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2 responses to “Socks!

  1. I so enjoy your creativity and commitment, thank you. I hope I am sharing a photo of a bag I have just given my friend. It is knitted from wool from our sheep Malcolm (no longer with us) that you spun and dyed for us after a visit to Cennednyss. It has been a lovely experience to gradually create the bag that honours all the work that goes into creating a textile.
    I lined it with some recycled curtain lining for strength and created a couple of internal pockets from a delicate embroidered serviette that came from my mothers’ house.
    Thank you.

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