Guerilla gardening, again

Yes, this is a small love song to the ruby saltbush.

I walked a bucket full down toward a neglected patch where I hoped they might thrive, just outside a fence. I just popped them in, spaced out along the fence line.

It was a while ago, and many have doubled in size. AND, the community organisation that runs the site inside the fence (I assume) have since planted larger plants beside them in one part of the fence.

And then, litter picking on the way home, because. Well, if you’re reading this far, you know why.


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4 responses to “Guerilla gardening, again

  1. Good on ya! I’m often tempted to do similar things around our local oval, especially to counteract the footpath flooding and getting covered in slippery algae.

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    • I hear you! I started out on this because the council would poison the weeds at the end of my street over and over. I decided I could plant natives and crowd out the weeds, eliminating the poison… and, success!


  2. Jenny M

    May those plants continue to grow & grow!

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