More grandbub outfits

After the previous post, I found a little dress at the local op shop. It seemed to fit the kind of measurements I was working with. I drafted a pattern from it, modifying it quite a bit to create a fairly plain shirt. Then the fun began and it was a bit addictive.

This one is new fabric from a shop I prefer not to frequent, on the whole… with binding from a Buy Nothing gift of the remains of a high quality men’s shirt.

Then this. Not my finest hour in pattern matching (OK–so I only thought about pattern matching after the fact and focused entirely on getting the whole thing out of the small yardage I’d bought). “Baa baa black sheep” is a favourite for this little person…

Then the chicken prints–I was amazed by what Tricia’s discount fabrics had tucked away in animal prints. Our chickens are so important the grandbub has been known to list them as family members, says good night to them, and visits regularly (every time she comes over).

These buttons have been sitting in my admittedly multi generational button collection for many a long year and finally met their [next] destination!

And this, from two stash fabrics. Cotton body and linen sleeves, with buttons of varying shades of red.

I am happy to say that these outfits have been in constant rotation… often in the style statement known in our household as “mix and clash”.


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6 responses to “More grandbub outfits

  1. cathyschneidergmailcom

    Love all your wonderful creations for your grandbub!! Grandbub is now wrapped in love.

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  2. Can I put in an order for that chicken shirt please!😉 These are so good, no wonder they are on high rotation.

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