Seed collecting season

The last month or so has been peak seed collection time for me. I’ve been wandering the neighbourhood saving seeds from council plantings and from previous generations of my own guerilla gardening. There are a lot of different salt bushes–this one I still have not been able to identify, but it is certainly thriving in our suburb.

Here are three successive years of planting in the same patch, the most recent one planted in the last few months. Just in case you wonder whether anything lives–it sure does! The second year plants are fruiting (see below left), but the much bigger third year bushes are not. Intriguing! I am not sure what specific saltbush this one is. Below, from top left, unidentified saltbush (feel free to help me out if you can), two images of bulbine lily (bulbine bulbosa), which has begun to self sow! Ruby saltbush (enchylaena tomentosa), ruby saltbush again (but with orange berries), blue bush (maireana brevifolia, I think), and bladder saltbush (atriplex vesicaria)

These seeds will mostly be dried and saved for propagation and guerilla planting in Spring. But I have also been direct sowing some, and have planted others that might sprout now. Seeds are the best form of magic ever.


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4 responses to “Seed collecting season

  1. Sue Hetzel

    Brilliant! You’re regenerating bush as well as greening your suburb.

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  2. Bec Plumbe

    Slight tangent of a question here:
    I’m looking to expand the range of my gardening, and want to get a trailer/ trolley to help carry things, like you have. Can I ask what brand/model yours is, or what you’d recommend?

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    • This one was made by hand, by a person in Adelaide. He called his business Heliotec but I believe he stopped making them long ago. Sorry I don’t have any special wisdom about what is available new now!


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