#stitchitdontditchit news flash and invitation

It has come to my attention that I have a lot of readers in my home town. Darlings, this is a special message for all of you. Some fine folks in England have begun having street mending actions under the hashtag #stitchitdontditchit. Not to be confused with the punk mending phenomenon known as @dontditchitstitchit (still mending, quite different, also awesome, and perhaps the originator of both hashtags? Hard to know on the internets).

#stitchitdontditchit folks are holding socially distanced street mending events across England and beyond on 15 June. Let’s join in! I’ll be outside H & M in Rundle Mall at 1 pm on 15 June with my folding chair, a sign that says #stitchitdontditchit and a friend or two or three, and my mending. Maybe you will make it four! Come and mend, come and hang out, learn how to sew on a button–please yourself!

I suspect the folks who read this blog don’t need to have the connections between fast fashion and the climate crisis explained to them. But in case you know anyone who does, the Climate Council has written a great Explainer. And even Wikipedia says that H & M is the second biggest clothing manufacturer in the universe (behind one that does not yet have an outlet in our town, that I know of). So, see you there if you can and want to. It will be fun!


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4 responses to “#stitchitdontditchit news flash and invitation

  1. Il try and pop along in my lunch break to say hello.

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  2. Sue Hetzel

    I can’t make it this time but I love the idea.

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