Catching up

So much has happened since I did some regular posting, dear reader. This image was the view at winter solstice as our friends walked in the deep dark, with the children carrying hand made lanterns. For me, winter is very often a season of mending. This year was certainly no different.

I also got some “commissions” (cue cackling laughter!) this one is a dog nappy, which arrived with the request I make it larger to fit the incontinent dog in question. Yes, the orange is the expansion!

There was a week with a nappy theme! These came to me for velcro replacement, in preparation for a very much anticipated bub in my circle of friends. My gratitude to Joyce for supplying the velcro. I bet her children had cloth nappies with nappy pins!

The garden jeans got yet another patch.

One of my beautiful silky merino tops sprouted holes. M*ths, I’m looking at you and your hungry babies.

Then there are the gardening gloves. This is just the start. Or perhaps not even the start… there has been another round of finger tip mending since this one!

And…that could be enough mending for one post! Here is a gratuitous image from Black Hill National Park.


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6 responses to “Catching up

  1. Oops I missed this post. I have holes in the top of my gardening gloves, always the index finger of my dominant had. Do you have any thoughts on that sort of repair? Most of my gloves are combined cloth with leather.

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