Pedestrian making

My sweetheart’s last round of pyjamas grew so worn that they had to go to rags and compost. So I made two new pairs. Nothing can make a pair of PJs into an exciting image. The only thing less exciting is the three pairs of running shorts I have made myself. They are made from black knit that has come to me from other stashes and a garage sale. They are boring and black. They use elastic with a channel through the centre, with a drawstring. I bought a bag of it at an op shop at least 20 years ago and I am still using it. There is nothing romantic about these items, but they are very much used in this household. I think they are super important. They are comfort items that do the job they are designed for. They get washed and worn and washed and worn.

I copied a pattern from my previous running shorts to create the new ones. I bought the first round of running shorts of my life as “a runner” and had to buy men’s shorts to get something made of cotton and involving no lycra. I do indeed stand out a bit, especially at yoga. I wore them to rags. Then I bought the same shorts again, only to find, once I got home, that they were now made of cotton and polyester. That’s it. Never again. I’ve worn them to rags and I intend to cut them into strips and include them in a cushion stuffing to keep them from landfill. I won’t buy more, and that is why I have made a series of three myself. But there are no exciting pictures of the other pair of pyjamas, and no pictures of any of the running shorts. So here is a cute caterpillar!


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4 responses to “Pedestrian making

  1. janewheelercouk

    but pjs are so important. I have so many pairs that I’ve mended and mended but they are at the stage where the mending rips the next time I wear them. so much tossing and turning of the insomniac non-sleeper. I made myself a pair, and i am sure they are much more robust, and I have the legs exactly the right length and the cuffs exactly the right width. but it’s hard to find a perfect pattern. you reminded me I must make some more ….

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    • It’s one of the pleasures of making our own, being able to make them robust and just the way we prefer them, right? I agree… PJs are so important! I am sorry to hear about the insomnia though.


  2. There’s something satisfying about the achievement of the NOT extraordinary and everyday….

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