Guerilla weeding, mulching, propagating, planting and admiring rain

This planting in a culvert has been going pretty well. It used to be just weeds and trash and smashed glass! The way to keep it getting poisoned or attracting unwanted attention is to keep it looking good and keep it weeded. I can’t keep up weeding on all the patches, but I do what I can. On the left: what I took going out. On the right: what I brought home.

This is a short sedge planting mission (with a stop to collect glass jars from a Buy Nothing neighbour!) that is the jars in a pannier while I’m hauling sedges and mulch in the trailer… and rubbish back home again. There was a spot by the railway line that became a pool when the winter rains really came down. Eucalypt seedlings had wet feet too long and all but one died. I went and planted sedge there instead. So far it’s going well.

Here is a picture of the same spot after rain, a bit later!!!

This is the local park where we have planted so many sedges in the creek bank, when the creek is really running and quite high. And the sedges are submerged, holding the creek bank, we hope!

This winter there was so much rain, there was an actual waterfall at Morialta falls, where often I have seen it dry.

Meanwhile, back home, sedge propagating using starts from the Mother, growing well in the culvert at the top of the post.

Another mission to the sedge planting by the railway line, this time, mulching. My sister gave me the bamboo she wanted to cut from her place. I saved the bamboo and took the leaves and such (plus cardboard) over to this spot for mulch. Then home with rubbish. The cardboard isn’t visible under the layer of mulch (except when dogs or people lift it up). But it is there, helping suppress weeds.


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4 responses to “Guerilla weeding, mulching, propagating, planting and admiring rain

  1. Maz congratulations on your culvert planting, it is such a credit to your hard work. Of course now the council will be able to take credit for their local planting initiative. Hard to believe the amounts of water pouring down the creeks in Adelaide. More strength to your arm and those of your fellow guerilla gardeners.

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    • Thank you dear Leonie! The council staff do great work, I’m a fan. I’m happy for them to take credit. They do so much, and I’m delighted to add, and cooperate when the opportunity arises.

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  2. Jenny M

    well done, such a wonderful job you are doing!

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