This quilt is quite some years old now, and it had sprung a hole.

A few hand stitches fixed it!

It took a lot more for my bike trailer to get repaired. I asked my Dad if he would be my advisor, but that I was happy to do the work. He said he would be happy to mentor me, but after the first discussion he decided it needed to be repaired at his house. I’d already done some of the work of taking it apart, but then–he just finished the job!

Here it is, before. I bought this trailer new from the chap who made it, in the 1980s. It has done a lot of kilometres. In the early years I used it to haul ingredients from Gaganis where it was cheapest to buy them, to the place I lived in, in Prospect in those days. I was making cakes for a living and I wasn’t making much! I would deliver the cakes in it as well–I had a cunning system involving some stout cardboard and a lot of cleaned empty tin cans, that let me transport them in several layers. These days, I am mostly hauling guerilla gardening supplies in it: plants, cardboard, scraps for composting and mulch.

Dad replaced the sad old box that was the main component of the trailer with one he had used a lot in much better condition. He regreased the hubs, and reinforced a part of the tubing that was worn through, with a second hand metal bracket. The missing hub cap has been replaced with the lid from a deodorant (!) He even used some paint he had to make it look nicer and protect the metal of the tubing. I have absolutely loved having it returned to smooth operation, and seeing how he decided to approach this job, makes me feel like a chip off the old block!

This is a stepped through sequence of mending my jeans back pocket. I’ve decided what to cut out, then decided what shape and size of patch I need. I needed to rip part of the seam holding the pocket to the jeans, to get the patch in position and turn its edges under.

Finally, I restitched the pocket seam into position. And there you have it.

Here is the second knee mend on these same jeans. I love wearing them but they were second hand when I started wearing them and they are not such sturdy quality that they will last forever. Meanwhile…

Then, there was a pile of reusable nappies. They needed new velcro. I used some of Joyce’s stash and replaced it. These are going to a family expecting their first child. I’d keep going, but maybe that’s enough for one post? Because the mending rolls on 🙂


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8 responses to “Mending

  1. It’s always exciting to see mends of all kinds. I am familiar with both Gaganis and Prospect through family connections. A trip to Gaganis is generally on the cards whenever we visit Adelaide.

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  2. Jenny M

    So your fixing/mending is in your DNA! Clever Dad!

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  3. Khendra

    Love the mending. And great idea with the back pocket, I never thought of cutting parts out, much cleaner looking. I have to keep that in mind for the next one.

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