Stitch it, don’t ditch it!

Yes, we are coming to Rundle Mall (here in Adelaide, South Australia) once more for some socially distanced public mending. YOU are welcome to join us if you are anywhere nearby and have the means to get there. We will be mending as part of Fashion Revolution Week. And we will be outside H & M.

In case you’re wondering, yes–H & M do have some organic clothing, and they do have a clothing recycling programme that doesn’t come anywhere near addressing the immense number of items of clothing they produce every year, as the second biggest clothing manufacturer in the universe. But in any case they happen to be in the middle of the biggest shopping mall in our town. And it is Fashion Revolution week. So there we will be, at the intersection of Rundle Mall and Gawler Place, April 20, 12-1.30 pm. All the details are here. Do bring your mending and come and join us! You will be welcomed.


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2 responses to “Stitch it, don’t ditch it!

  1. Rhonda

    Great to see public mending in Adelaide. I saw public mending happening in Ooti India. The all male mending team were in the street with their treadle machines surrounded by cows, piles of fresh produce and general mayhem. I am thinking of doing some public mending at our local high rise in the central public garden. The Mums who visit the playground with their little ones look so lonely and isolated as they are so focussed on their mobile devices.

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