Reclaiming the spencers, part 2

In my earlier post, I talked about the holey spencers and how I decided on two strategies for retrieving them. Once I’d decided which were capable of being mended, I took my scissors to the rest, aiming to save as much fabric as I could and give the rest to the worms in the worm farm. They will deal with everything that is organic matter, and leave any petrochemical by products (like nylon thread) on the surface where I can retrieve it for landfill. It’s almost magical, how well worms can sort out the biodegradable from that which will not break down for many lifetimes (otherwise known as plastic).

Then I patchworked together the larger pieces until I was able to create two new underthings.

They are a bit haphazard, since as usual I dyed first and sewed later. But since they are underthings… no one will know unless you tell them!

They are like little woolly maps of the dye trees I especially enjoy in my neighbourhood. These days there are even leaves from our back yard in the mix.

And… I have the smaller pieces saved in a mothproof bag for later patching, which is sure to be needed.


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3 responses to “Reclaiming the spencers, part 2

  1. So pretty- and they have a very abstract, planar shift quality since they are different. Makes them intriguing…although that may not be a requisite quality for underthings.

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  2. Love it. Like staring up into the closed canopy of a forest. All the different leaf shapes and moods.


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