I’ve done a lot of screen printing in the last while. There have been new batches of patches like these–Extinction Rebellion give these away at mending events for people to use as patches.

I’ve continued to mostly use hand cut stencils, using vintage wallpaper from the Adelaide Remakery.

Patches like these are part of communicating why we are taking action. Here are some rebels who have been in court for nonviolent civil disobedience, on the steps of the Magistrates Court.

XR did a lot of actions asking the Tour Down Under bicycle race to dump SANTOS as its main sponsor. This is the climate emergency equivalent of stopping cigarette sponsorship of sporting competitions.

I must admit I find my clothes line entertaining at times!

This series is for a ride supporting renewables.

Sometimes folks supply fabric especially for the job–sometimes even that is sourced second hand or by donation from someone’s stash. But I silk screen onto secondhand sheets a lot too–using whatever part of the sheet is still useable and using smaller scraps for small patches.

There was a family ride for renewables to coincide with the “Tour Down Under” but… it was cancelled because it was too hot to ride. Just in case you hadn’t given any thought to how the climate emergency will affect sports!

You better believe I scour op shops for suitable colours!

And then there is good old fashioned white sheet… as well as white curtains and random calico offcuts. These things regularly come to me, well past their best and not suitable from their original purpose.

I have also been using absolute rag for cleaning up and for creating a couch for the printing process. And there have been some runs of (second hand) t shirts, with more to come! It is a bit quietly exciting going into an op shop and being told all the clothes over there–are $2. Although it is an example of exactly what the environment does not need, that there are so many t shirts and other textiles going to waste all around–there are some I can put to good use. It’s much better to do this than to buy new t shirts for props and for actions and screen print them. It’s less stressful, as well. And on that sunny note, I’ll put my squeegee down for now!


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  1. I love the idea of using some climate change symbols on cloth in my mending, the equivalent but opposite of wearing a branded clothing line with symbols stamped all over it. I can see myself patching a jacket and having a little slogan or symbol on the middle of my patch, framed by the carefully hand stitched edges of the tear or hole.

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