More guerilla gardening

Here I am about to head out to the guerilla garden. And here it is. I planted quite a bit here and then, two spray chalked circles appeared on the ground. What could it mean? It turned out to mean that these two trees went in. And whomever planted them, left almost all of my understorey plantings. Too good!

At this stage I think I’m about a year in. The early survivors are coming along well, and my mulching with the leaves that fall in the nearby car park has helped with the rather invasive weeds this patch is also growing.

I planted some new things here. Creeping boobialla for the win, in this case.

I planted more than once.

I was emboldened by the trees going in.

After a big effort like that, it’s common for public plantings to be left alone for a good while (in which my ground covers might grow enough to be understood by the person tending this patch, for instance).

Here it is some time later! I’ve taken to walking this way and pulling weeds in this spot–I find if I am keeping weeds down then a patch is less likely to be poisoned and therefore my plants are more likely to make it to the point where they will crowd out the weeds.


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5 responses to “More guerilla gardening

  1. Sue Hetzel

    Great story!

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  2. What an encouraging story. It must be so rewarding seeing your plants thrive and the addition of the trees too. Hopefully the installation of the trees means this pocket will be looked after by whomever is responsible for the trees too 🙂 I bet they love your understory plants.

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