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Where was I?


Dear Readers, I am sure you’ve noticed my absence. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes at localandbespoke. My partner’s parents have entered a new phase of their lives in which they have required more support.


The long standing upheaval in my workplace that slowed me down a lot outside work in the last 18 months or so has resulted in my taking a voluntary redundancy in order to spend more of my time on climate activism.


A small group of us inspired by activists in the UK have set up Extinction Rebellion in our state. Already, we are a very active and much larger group. Thus far, it’s a wild ride.


My daughter has become a mother and I’ve become a grandmother.


I am sure it’s not stretching your imagination too much to picture this as a time of emotional and practical upheaval in which I’ve been more than usually buffeted by the tides of life. There has been awe and amazement and joy.  There has been grief and pain and exhaustion. There have been a lot of mixed feelings–complicated situations give rise to complicated reactions. And I’ve spent some time recently feeling profoundly exhausted and with my friends letting me know of their concern for me.


In situations of difficulty and complexity, I often find myself holding my friends and beloveds in my mind–sometimes asking what they would do; sometimes drawing solace from their love for me, their confidence in me or their preparedness to forgive me; sometimes remembering things they have said or done; mentally sharing an experience that I know they have had before me; drawing on their courage and wisdom or their capacity for integrity and compassion; or simply holding them in my mind as companions in complicated moments. In recent times I’ve found myself mentally writing blog posts and thus holding you in my mind.  Thanks for the company. I hope I might write some of those posts, however belatedly.





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I am touched and delighted to have been nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award by Dre from Grackle & Sun.  I am inspired not only by her thoroughgoing approach to natural dyeing and her witty and illuminating way of writing about it, but also by her dedication to her wellbeing and to getting fit.  I haven’t been writing about it here, but 2012 was the year I started running (jogging… slowly), so I’ve been on a wellbeing and fitness journey of my own on which all fellow travellers are welcome!

Illuminating Blogger Award

The rules of the award  ask that:

I share a random thing about myself: Yesterday morning I saw a pair of gang-gang cockatoos in the bush, near Mittagong, New South Wales.  This is the first time I’ve ever seen one in the wild: it was just so exciting!  The last time I saw a gang-gang I was in some kind of zoo or wildlife park inside a big cage.  I was wearing a spectacularly light catching and quite large stud in my ear–some kind of plastic bling.  The male gang-gang landed on my shoulder, which was amazing.  We had a short chat, and then he applied his considerable and strong beak to my earring, which was pretty scary really… but I still have an earlobe to this day.

Years ago I sang in a trio and one of the other members of the trio set ‘Bird and Man’ by Douglas Stewart to music in a most wonderful way (I believe some liberties may have been taken with the lyrics).  My favourite couplet remains: ‘Bird is gang-gang, well he knows/His whole head’s feathered like a rose’.  It turns out Douglas Stewart also wrote ‘A Flock of Gang Gangs’.

Nominate 5 (or more) other bloggers whose posts are informative and illuminating.

Wendi of the Treasure

I love Wendi’s use of local and native plants, sense of experimentation and the sense her blog gives of her living a good life.

an impartation of colour

Pallas’ approach to dyeing is wonderfully systematic and so beautifully communicated. I love her generosity in sharing her dyeing processes and her experience as a dyer.


I find Deb’s blog full of information and a wealth of experience, and she is a delightful and thoughtful writer.


Every time I visit ‘Deep in the heart of textiles’, I find myself humming that famous tune as I enjoy textile ranger’s wonderfully eclectic and colourful blog.

Rihivilla, dyeing with natural dyes

I love Leena’s wonderful photography, dedication to growing and harvesting dye plants and her delicious colours. Her blog is a source of inspiration as well as beauty and information.

What a pleasure it has been to think about these bloggers and all I admire about their writing and dyeing!  Have a happy and colourful new year…


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