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Solstice bag extravaganza

As alert readers may have noticed, from time to time I get onto a theme and just keep going.  Bags are one such recurring theme, and in the quiet time on this blog a lot of bags got made. You have only seen the first few.  It went on to become what I whimsically refer to as ‘a bag jag’.  I am susceptible.

2014-12-14 16.51.02

I started on scraps that were on the floor and scaled up to long saved remnants and fabrics bought as offcuts, garments saved for re-use… and from there just kept going.

2014-12-14 16.50.52


Why not use some of the bark cloth curtains?  What am I saving them for?  What about those bits purchased at the  op shop?  That rolled up set of print scraps I picked up at a garage sale one time?  Why not interface the openings with the scrap canvas I collected  when I used to dumpster dive that canvas place on the way home from work?  You get the picture.  Before long there was this.

2014-12-14 16.51.43

Then I made more and some went to be Hannukah and Solstice and Christmas gifts so quickly they were not even photographed.  In the end I decided to go for it and just kept making with a view to taking them to my friends’ solstice party/picnic/clothes swap/pinata in the park.  It was a fun thing to do, and a fabulous evening as always, it made me smile to see some folks’ surprise that someone had made them just to give away, and I now have none of these bags left, and a marginally smaller stash of fabrics!


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