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Dyeing weekend at home

Over a recent long weekend, I managed to do quite a lot of dyeing and some fibre processing. There was mordanting of cellulose fabrics with soybeans.


I finally decided to stop worrying about the fact that my walnuts (gathered from under trees at my workplace) were whole and having dried, I was not going to be able to separate husk from nut (where no rat had done this for me).  I just soaked them whole and then dyed with them.


I clamped and dyed.  This eucalyptus print + walnut bath made me happy!  Here it is still wet (you can see it still clamped above if you look closely).


I flick carded Suffolk locks.  Some had staining–see that yellow streak?  I just decided I wasn’t prepared to waste indigo on vegetable matter and contaminate my vat.  And the Suffolk is so felting resistant I thought it would be fine flicked first and dyed after 9and it was).


I used some of Tarla Elward’s wonderful Australian grown Indigo for the first time and used henna as the source of antioxidants, following Michel Garcia’s method.


I’d been concerned about how to grind up the block indigo but I had found a mortar and pestle since dye camp and put it to use. So much fun, Such a great weekend.


I am just delighted with the indigo colours on this wool, and even more delighted that I managed to revive my indigo vat, last used before dye camp a few months ago.  Clearly, I learned something from the wonderful Jenai at dye camp.  Indigo achievement unlocked!  Blue socks one step closer.



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More ruby saltbush!

I know… so many pictures of my watering cans and so little crafting.

2015-10-25 16.20.12

This time, ruby saltbush had its turn again.

2015-10-25 16.38.19

These little treasures are going into a narrow mulched area between a wall and a pathway.  The mulch is a saving grace, that and the fact I walk this way when I get home on the bus.  My niece came along to the planting as she was staying with us again, and we had a decent chat as I dug and she watered. The previous plantings in this truly harsh spot are all but one, still alive.  Fingers crossed for the newbies!

2015-10-25 16.43.14

Then it was home to prick out more little seedlings.  Seedlings and seeds… couldn’t be any better if they were magic.

2015-10-25 15.28.15

Japanese Indigo is coming along slowly but at least I have sprouts!

2015-10-25 15.28.23

And actually there has been quite a bit of stitching too…

2015-10-27 18.51.05

Even if the lighting lacks a little.  More news soon!!

2015-10-27 21.46.48

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