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Guerilla weeding


This culvert has been one of my patches for a few years now (in this post in 2016 I am not sure I am planting for the first time…), and it is really looking good now.  In fact, today as I weeded, a gentleman in a suit came past and his only comment was “oh, I wondered who had been doing that!”


Ultimately, my goal is to have native plants out compete weeds, so that no one feels the need for poisoning, and native insects and birds and lizards can have a little more of what they need. In the meantime however, the struggle is on to make sure that effort to poison weeds do not kill my little plants before they can become established. So here is my weeding toolkit and our biggest bucket.


I filled it to overflowing and at this time of year, a weed the hivemind on this blog identified as a cudweed predominates.  It is probably Gnaphalium affine (Jersey Cudweed) (so far from home!) But look!  The saltbushes (three species here) are really established now.


There is flax leaf fleabane and prickly lettuce and fourleaf allseed , and even a few fumitory plants have survived past the first heatwave and my best efforts. On the other hand, look at the native plants now.

Even the Ngarrindjeri weaving rushes are looking good at the moment.


And, here it is afterwards–perhaps you can’t tell iin so small an image.  But hopefully the seed burden is reduced.  Already, the boobialla and saltbushes are crowding out weeds which really can only take root seriously at the edges. I hope the poisoners will leave things be.


And seedlings for autumn planting are springing up under the regular watering provided by my beloved. Life rises up in its own defence, and so must we rise up for the future of life on earth. Today, with a little local weeding.



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Happy birthday hand-knit socks and seed collecting

2015-02-26 15.16.46

I am not much of a one to give people presents on their birthdays.  I enjoy doing that when I can, but essentially, I prefer to make something and hand it over gleefully soon afterward. More than once a year maybe.  Once every several years, perhaps.  Or find something perfect for a friend and give it to them right away, because–why not?  I am not dedicated to one day a year of gift giving.  I’m awful at remembering dates and apparently I am too impatient to wait! Sometimes, though, there is planetary alignment.  I finished these socks close to my beloved friend’s birthday, I managed to take a picture, and we walked them over on the very day and shared some happiness about the fact of his existence.

2015-02-26 16.46.27

They were delivered tied with a piece of hand twisted silk cord, no less!  For those wondering, I succumbed to Noro Silk Garden Sock again. It was so much fun the last time!  The two socks are completely different.  There was a green segment that was not repeated at all, and a knot in the thread that had been tied with no consideration for the colour sequence.  Online knitters have led me to expect that this is what Noro will do for you.  I know the recipient of these socks will not miss symmetry in this case, and I was intrigued but not troubled.

2015-03-01 12.18.43

Meanwhile, I have examined my wattle seeds, collected for later use, shucked them and stored them for later planting.

2015-03-01 12.20.59


Saltbush all over the city have finally started to show ripe fruit.  I attracted a lot of puzzled attention from passing cyclists when I pulled over on the West terrace bike path to harvest these.   For non locals, this is a major road travelling along one side of the city, with parklands and a cemetery on one side and the CBD on the other.  These berries have already gone to the propagating area.  If it stays warm long enough perhaps they will come up–but they sure won’t come up through the colder months.  So from here on, I’ll be saving saltbush seed rather than planting it.

2015-03-01 12.26.55


My mother gave me the tube, which previously held vanilla bean pods.  She gives me all kinds of little treasures she can’t find a use for, with apparent confidence I will find one.  I love her confidence in me!  And, to finish, some spectacularly huge eucalypts I found myself enjoying recently…

2015-02-22 12.28.05


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