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Additions to the dye garden

It’s a mighty busy time of year in my day job, which is why it has been quiet here at the blog.  That, and a series of lovely house guests.  Those present in the flesh trump the online world on an average evening at our place!  However, life has been busy at home too.  Propagating and planting is going all out so long as the serious heat holds off.  I even have a few Japanese Indigo seedlings, though this morning some of them had been chewed in the night.  There is a period in summer here where planting anything seems merely unkind and doomed to failure, but we’re not there yet.  I have been germinating and planting out, and there has been guerilla gardening too… but I digress.

2014-11-06 08.22.25

A few weeks ago, I had some surprise purchases at the annual Herb Society fair.  I cycled up there with friends who had brought a picnic and we came home laden with plants and seeds… it was a lovely day.  I have been to the fair many times looking for dye plants and failing to find them.  One year I succeeded in buying madder, which was very exciting.  This year, though, I bought woad!  Who knows what will come of it, but I have two plants and they are thriving in the vegie beds so far.  I had managed to buy seed but have never grown even one seedling.

2014-11-06 08.22.08

Then there was weld!  I decided to bring it home in spite of all the other sources of vegetable yellow.  we’ll see where that leads, too.  And finally, this rather spectacular form of sorrel.  Nothing to do with dye that I know of, but it does promise some pleasurable and spectacular summer eating…

2014-11-06 08.22.13



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