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Two more neighbourhood trees fall

When I got home last night I was in a  hurry.  It was a little while later that I saw what had happened.  One tree had vanished from the neighbourhood skyline completely.  Where previously there was a huge lemon-scented gum, now there is this.


The other tree has been severely lopped.  It is the kind of lopping that takes place when no care needs to be taken.  The kind of lopping that means this tree will not be there when I get home from work today. This one, too, we believed had been saved from being felled by a government department.  Now it is to be felled by the property owner.


This morning I came home from my run and there were many native birds flying through it and calling.  Tonight I expect there will be total silence and an uninterrupted view of the sky where once it stood.  Every single tree on that block will have been felled.  These were the two largest trees in the street where they stood.


Speechless and sad.


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Another giant falls

I went to work yesterday unsuspecting and came home to find that a tree that stood a couple of storeys high and was one of only two really large trees still standing in our street, had been cut down without warning.  Here it is in December.  It stood on a block with a couple of E Citriodoras but I think this one was an E Maculata.


And yesterday afternoon.


I saw two men measuring its girth a couple of weeks ago as I was on my way to work.  I thought at the time that wasn’t a good sign (the definition of “significant tree” turns on the girth of a tree and has been changed in the relatively recent past), but I wasn’t in a position to stop and ask.  I wish now that I’d followed up.  This tree was scheduled for destruction as part of the infrastructure works that have turned our neighbourhood upside down.  But a way was found to complete them without cutting it down.  We thought it had been saved.  The infrastructure works are almost complete and the removal of this tree clearly wasn’t necessary for them.

All this on the same day as our Prime Minister declared too much of our native forest, what little of it remains, is “locked up” in national parks.  Pardon me while I put my head down on my desk.


I called the Council and the tree was cut down by the property owners on whose land it stood.  This is one tree in our neighbourhood not felled by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.  Apparently the Council arborist will call back to explain.  I’ll spare you.


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