Eucalyptus Caesia


My parents came around one weekend as autumn was beginning and brought gifts from their garden: quince, guavas, mandarins, and these lovely flowers from their front yard. Eucalyptus Caesia ‘Silver Princess’.

It has been quite a season. We have made an incredible amount of pesto from our basil plants and had enough to share as well.  The final pesto fest was last weekend, shared gleefully with a friend who is a wonderful cook. We also made a walnut and pomegranate molasses dip of wonder, a rice pudding flavoured with mastic and orange flower water and some fiendishly rich and delectable mastic and rosewater icecream.  Finally, she read poetry.  Exquisite!


Once the flowers wilted, into the pot the leaves went.  Nothing too exciting came out, which has been my experience in the past.  However, the lovely weeping habit, young white bark, minnirichi bark on the trunk (the bark peels in vertical strips in a rather amazing way) and the spectacular flowers… are probably enough delights for one plant to provide.



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2 responses to “Eucalyptus Caesia

  1. those are ludicrously wonderful flowers. Something Dr. Seuss would have dreamt up….


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