Perhaps you remember this yarn, spun and chain plied from a beautiful blend by The Thylacine.


I decided on a vest for my fairy godson, an appreciator of handmade items if ever there was one.  He is a not-so-small six year old person growing ever taller and thus, growing out of last winter’s woolies. I designed (I  do realise this is a very plain garment!) the vest based on measurements from one he already has that is a generous fit.  100% handspun alpaca for the band at the bottom, in seed stitch.  When I reached the place where I wanted the neck and armscyes to begin, I cast off a few stitches, then cast them on again on the next round (leaving a slot) to create a steek bridge.


Here is the upper part a bit closer up.  I have decreased just the way I would have done knitting this garment by any other method, but kept knitting in the round, making sure those stripes are maintained with wonderful simplicity. Knitting in the round feels normal to me, since I took up knitting in order to knit socks.  I much prefer knitting in the round to knitting flat.


Then came the day of truth, when I stitched through the knitting all the way from one end of the steek bridge to the other and cut, yes, CUT! the neckline and armholes prior to grafting the shoulders together and picking up the edgings.


Wonderfully simple if you can hold your nerve.  I am so happy with the finished result, I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the intended wearer to return from holidays soon for the handover.  I sure hope he likes it.  I have yarn left over from 100g of fibre. Amazing!


PS–yes, it fits!


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4 responses to “Steeked!

  1. Pia

    I’ve never steeked anything, but it does make sense to maintain the stripes, or they would suddenly be twice the width over the sleeves. I may have to dive into it with the variegated yarn I bought last year for a “quick” sweater.


    • I can only encourage you! This made the stripes completely effortless to maintain. So much simpler than separating into three parts to knit the part above the armpits.


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