Silkworm Newsflash!

The first cocoon began yesterday.


There are so many other silkworms writhing over one another I’ve removed this one to a cardboard tube in front of the orange bowl. (I say this by way of explaining the backdrop!)


By breakfast this morning, there were 5 silkworms beginning the journey toward becoming silkmoths.  Meanwhile, alpaca dyeing and an indigo vat… more about that later.  For now, we need to collect more mulberry leaves.  Last night’s substantial harvest is almost consumed.


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2 responses to “Silkworm Newsflash!

  1. How long do they stay in the cocoons? And what are you plans for the silk afterwards? Are you going to reel it off? Make silk hankies and dye them?


    • They stay in the cocoon about 2-3 weeks. I have a plan to spin yarns with dyed silk cocoons hanging from them… and if I end up with more than 100, as I well might… perhaps I will try some of the other strategies too! I draw the line at reeling, but I have a friend who wants to try it and I will be supplying her with some cocoons to try.


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