What to do with art yarns/textured spinning

The other night, treasured friends came round for dinner and brought with them someone I hadn’t met before.  She saw the display of tea cosies and loved them.  She collects.  The honest truth is, I don’t even drink tea.  Nor does my beloved.  I just buy random teapots at the op shop and make them cosies for my own entertainment and the joy of giving them away.

Naturally, I said ‘would you like to take one home?’  She struggled to choose and I offered that she take two, but that wasn’t happening… it is difficult to make people understand just how far I am from having a yarn or tea cosy shortage.  So a particularly ugly teapot was disrobed and a corespun cosy with recycled sari silk threads went home with her.  That had me in a tea cosy frame of mind… So I delved into the stash and came out with this the very next night:


The yarn is felted wool blobs spun onto crossbred wool from a sheep known by the glorious name of Macchiato the Mongrel.  I believe the epithet was added after Macchiato ate the neighbour’s pea crop and had to be found a new home.  That fleece came to me from a friend of a friend who lives in the hills. The pattern is a fast and loose adaptation of Funhouse Fibers’ Fast and Fun Tea Cozy.

This twining vine yarn (commercial wool top, felted leaves) was in the same bag.  I started in on a cosy and the audience decided it was too cute and really should be a child’s hat.  I guess we’ll wait to see who it fits come winter!  I started with a three stitch i-cord and made the rest up, ending with a stitched cast off for stretchy edge…



And, some silk cocoons went off to be reeled by a friend with a  lot more patience than me, and here are the rest.  I have no idea why they are in two colours, but if anyone else knows, please tell.  I keep thinking I will finally get back to the nettle stems, but I fear it won’t happen today…



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13 responses to “What to do with art yarns/textured spinning

  1. What a magnificent tea cosy!! I love it!


  2. Sabine

    Love them both! Instead of being jealous that I have no time to craft at the moment, I feel inspired and content that you’re doing it – in a connected kind of way. If that makes sense…


  3. SubmarineBells

    Hrm. I don’t see any way to edit that comment of mine to fix the error in the HTML. Lets try again….
    Thanks so much for those coccoons! I spent a fair chunk of the day attempting to reel the silk off them. Here’s what happened, if you want to see the gory details.


    • I have deleted the comment with the broken link to save folk going to the entertaining but fruitless 404 page.

      This is a great documentation of the process! I love the filament you have ended up with, too. What an achievement! I am far from sure I want to try reeling, mostly because I don’t think I could sit out all that frustration… I just can’t picture myself doing this easily. Thanks for the links, and you’re so welcome to the cocoons!


  4. amazing two coloured cocoons!!


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