Bark dyes on alpaca and wool yarn

Here it is… some of my holiday knitting, ready to go!


Last year I ran some workshops at the Guild, and I ended up with quite a quantity of Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca Rich in a shade of white called ‘rich magnolia’… which I was never going to use in this colourway.


So… I have been skeining and dyeing it. Unevenly…


More evenly…


And in quite a range of shades.  The one right at the bottom in the picture below is handspun that had been mordanted with alum, dyed in logwood exhaust, suffered some kind of surprise bleaching episode in our laundry and then gone through two eucalyptus baths.  It looks great now, but what a soap opera of a story!


And now… turned into balls and ready to be holiday knitting! Would you believe… slippers?



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9 responses to “Bark dyes on alpaca and wool yarn

    • Thanks! You think there’s a red in there? This is a long running debate in our neighbourhood 🙂 ‘brick red’, ‘browny-red but not really red’, ‘maybe plum’, ‘more of an orange really’ and so on…


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  2. How beautiful, whatever you call the colors. I like blood orange! Had to laugh at “slippers” – inspired by yours I just bought a slipper knitting book. Now I need to stop being lazy and just get to it.


  3. Hi. I was wondering f you had any alpaca rich wool from Bendigovthat you might want to sell on ?
    Could you email me and let me know. A friend liked my jumper and wants the same it I cannotblocste thecwool.

    Kind regards
    Michelle Wilkinson


    • Hello Michelle, I can”t offer you any as I have used up all I had and they have discontinued it. I can’t believe this either! May I suggest you look for a destash on Ravelry if the blend is crucial?


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